Friday, July 27, 2012

Music and the Young Child

Have you heard that music helps children perform better on tests and other difficult tests?  Research shows that this is very much true. This article gives all of the amazing details about this, and it explains how we as parents can foster our children's development through the study of music.

Kids learning piano helps brain development

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  1. Blessings again!!! I had to check this blog out too!

    And oh, yes, I DO know the value of music in children learning so this does not surprise me that they do better on tests, etc. Praise God! Guess we share the love of music also! My adopted daughter, when she was little, had many learning difficulties but music and art helped her in everything she learned... I'm so thankful for the lessons I learned from her when I homeschooled her and found out this "gem" of truth to help her learn.

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope other parents check this out.
    God bless and have a music filled day!


    1. It sounds like your daughter has a very strong musical intelligence (They teach us in education clasess that there are about 8 different "multiple intelligences" that each person tends to be stronger in 1 or 2). It's great that you figured this out and use it to help her with difficult concepts!