Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony Music

The candles are lit, the flowers are elegantly scattered, and the groom is ready to see his bride.  What type of music do you hear?  Would you prefer a soft solo violin, a majestic organ, or an ensemble?  No matter what your preference, you will need to know the different parts of the ceremony that will require music. 

1. Prelude- The prelude happens at the beginning of the wedding while guests are arriving and being seated.  It is important to have music during this time to set the atmosphere for the wedding.  The music should be light and subtle.  This is not a time for vocalists or special music.  The location and time of your wedding will be important factors in choosing the prelude music.  For instance, at a December wedding, a couple may choose light Christmas music, but an all classical prelude might be a better choice for an outdoor spring wedding. 

2. Procession The procession is the time in the ceremony where the bridal party enters.  One song could make up the processional, but sometimes the couple will choose a different piece for the bride's entrance in order to make it more dramatic and noticeable.  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Cannon in D, and the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin are all popular choices for the procession.  Less traditional music such as popular love ballads can be beautiful as well.  Some venues, however have restrictions about the music that is allowed to be played, so be sure to check with your ceremony location before making your selections.

3.  Special Solos and Ceremony Moments- Different traditions incorporated special moments into the ceremony.  Candle lighting, communion, exchanging flowers, remembering loved ones who have passed, and signing a religious document are just a few of the endless possibilities.  These are often an excellent opportunity to incorporate special songs into the ceremony.  Vocalists may or may not be incorporated, but usually the songs mean something special to the couple. 

4. Recessional- This is that joyous moment when the officiant announces the Mr. and Mrs. for the first time.  They leave the ceremony.  The song selection for this is usually joyful and upbeat.  The Wedding March, Ode to Joy, and Pachabel's Cannon are popular selections for this moment. The instrumentalists will probably repeat the song several times until the guests have made their way out. 

Every wedding is different, and the ceremony music is no exception. This is the bride and groom's chance to add their own personal touch to the ceremony.  Their personal choices will really stand out depending on the music they select.  These are the songs that will frame these happy memories for years to come.  Happy planning!

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