Monday, December 17, 2012

My First Piano Adventures

I have just discovered that my favorite piano curriculum, Piano Adventures now has an amazing series for the very young beginner.  I have several very young students (including my own daughter), and I've already started using it!  It's called My First Piano Adventure, and it is perfect for young children.  It has an accompanying CD, so the kids can practice what they learned in lessons fairly autonomously without forgetting what to do.  In addition, it breaks down each basic skill into separate lessons so that the lessons don't move too fast.   My daughter has been enjoying the duet, and she even performed it at our Christmas Show on Saturday at a local nursing home. (I'll post photos this week!)  For those families where the parents don't play piano, the duet is on the CD for easy practice!

The duet has the students practice taking a bow at the end!
I am planning on using this curriculum from now on in my intro to piano classes.  All of my games and other fun activities that I'm already using are a perfect compliment to this series. 

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  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Each of our kids are getting an instrument for Christmas and Eden is getting a keyboard. Would this curriculum work for that too?

    1. Absolutely! These books are great for little ones!