Monday, January 21, 2013

Learning Skills through Song and Game

 During Lewis Music Studio classes, we do hands on activities that teach musical skills.  The kids don't usually realize that they are learning since all of the activities are songs and games.  Here are some favorite ways that we learn some basic skills:

1. Soft- We use the song "Play" by Hap Palmerto play softly.  This song also helps the children to follow basic instructions about their playing.

2. Fast and Slow-  The parachute comes out, and we play "Ring Around the Rosie
"  each time I remind the students that it's getting faster.  They laugh on the last verse when we are singing very fast and practically running in the circle.

3. Multicultural Music- The song "African Drum Circle
" is great for expression, but it also exposes the students to African Music. 

4. Beat- Most of the songs that we do reenforce the concept of beat.  Marching, clapping, drumming, and playing rhythm instruments on the beat are great ways to practice this important concept. 

5. Expression- We use "Carnival of the Animals
" andHap Palmer's
 "The Elephant" along with scarves to move with the music.  The toddlers have fun using their bodies to express and interpret what they hear. 

Music is a delight and a joy for all people, and it's an honor to see the smiles on toddler's faces as they learn and grow musically!


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