Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Ring

Many of the students at Lewis Music Studio are five years old or under.  This is great because they have so much potential for an entire childhood of music.  I have noticed, however, that many children under five get confused between their right and left hands.  They may be able to name them (and we do fun games to help), but when it comes time to play, they often want to automatically switch from the hand we decided on to their dominant hand.  I have come up with a fun and simple way to help with this problem- rings!  A little box of rings that the students can use to mark which hand (or even finger) we are currently using is a fun reminder.

This tip is not only for educators, parents can also save little rings that always seem to be around to help their little one practice with the correct hand at home too.  So start gathering rings, and let's make music!