Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Welcome Ms. Karent Axt!

Lewis Music Studio is proud to offer violin lessons Ms. Karen Axt.  Ms. Axt is an experienced teacher who is new to the Pittsburgh area.

Karen Axt has been passionately teaching private and group violin lessons, as well as performing with her students in regular group recitals, for almost 10 years. She employs the Suzuki Method of violin and is thrilled to be joining the Lewis Music Studio this fall.
Karen studied seven years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an exceptional Suzuki violin teacher. During this time she played for many events and venues including fundraisers, conventions, private parties, nursing homes, South Ridge Mall, and has played the National Anthem for the Milwaukee Brewers games. She has won numerous awards and honors including an alternate position to play with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra in their annual ACE (Arts in Community Education) program. Currently, Karen plays for various local events, weddings, church liturgies & services, but most of all enjoys the time spent giving lessons to her students.

Click here to find out more details about private lessons at Lewis Music Studio.


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